Banjara Pucca Embroidery Small Bag

Banjara Pucca Embroidery Small Bag

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A square shoulder bag in size 8"x8" with hand embroidery used on both the sides.

Features zip top closure, fully lined with an inner zipped pocket, long strap and a beaded side Pom Pom.

It is made using hand embroidered cotton fabric.
These stunning bag is one of a kind, individual and unique.

The hand work used is called Banjara work, where big mirrors are embroidered along with other motives to give a very ethnic look. This work in mainly done in small villages of Gujarat and Rajasthan, India by local artists.

The process is very typical and time consuming and the uniqueness is that no two pieces are identical in pattern and colours.
There would be minor variations in threads used for embroidery and setting of the embroidery in the bag.
As the embroidery used is old and antique, there would be minor imperfections, which should not be considered as defects.

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