Hand Block Print

Traditional Indian hand block printing process involves four main steps.

Creating a wood block: 

An artist first draws a design on paper, once satisfied it is then carved on to the small desired size wooden block. Carving these designs are tricky and intricate work, outlines need to be carved first and then other details. For each design multiple wood blocks are made depending on number of colors to be used in it.

Getting ready one block stamp itself can take up to 7-10 days based on the difficulty level of the design. Carving a wood block is done by master block print artist, since it's a backbone of a process.

Creating colors:

Most of our colors are created using vegetables, roots, plant extract such as turmeric, indigo, marigold, spinach etc.

Required amount of these natural dyes are then moved on to big wooden trays.

Hand Block Printing:

Fabric to be painted is washed in river water by hand. This is how natural resources are used to make our products and process sustainable.

It is then spread flat on a long tables. 

Carved block stamps are dipped each time in color and then printed on a fabric one by one manually. There are some imperfection when multiple colors are used in a single design, it's a real beauty of a hand block printed fabric.

Drying Fabric:

Natural sunlight is used for drying process. 

End result of this time consuming, skillful hand block printing art is a timeless beauty which is an asset to have in your wardrobe.