Why Ethical Fashion?

Why Ethical Fashion?

Surveys and statistics show that in Australia alone more than 500,000 tons of clothes including textiles and leather is dumped and ends up in landfill every year. This problem is immensely contributing to pollution as many machine-made inorganic clothes are not biodegradable. Fast fashion focuses on low cost and easy to manufacture in order to change styles according to the newest trend, usually set by models and celebrities. 

Polyester is one of the main fabrics that is used in the industry of fast fashion. When washing this material sheds small particles of plastic mix into the water and shortly after that, the water is washed away to the sea helping our disaster of pollution. These particles are minute and miniscule and can be passed through sewage systems quite easily, and because they do not biodegrade it causes a serious threat to marine life. Small creatures such as plankton eat up these micro fibres of plastic and this gets circulated in the food chain system, fish eat plankton and humans eat fish, therefore, the plastic ends up in our bodies creating health difficulties. 

The fact that fast fashion material is made by machines, the potential of artisans is washed away, and they are left jobless. Their immense capability and skill are far beyond machine-made clothes. They use degradable natural colours and fabrics which is 100% handmade, for example, most cotton grown around the world is genetically modified whereas the cotton the artisans use is extracted by hand and used fresh.

As consumers all around the world are being educated about the truth and the clothes they wear that are hurting our environment, they are switching to eco-friendly and ethical clothing. Eco-friendly fashion tries to reduce the impact on our environment and maximises the health of consumers and the working conditions for people which make the clothes. The high street market accounts for an extensive portion of Western retail. Every year approximately 100 million shoppers gather around and shop on London’s Oxford Street by itself. 

The advantages of eco-friendly fashion are uncountable. Natural fabrics are more durable and do not emit toxic fumes into the atmosphere, the factories that make artificial manmade fabrics generate a majority of chemical waste. Clothes made of fur or leather lead to the death of many innocent animals. For many people, the guilt of wearing these clothes is too much. By switching to cruelty-free clothing you can rest assured that your fashion didn’t cause the death of another living being. Also, many people suffer from allergic reactions caused by clothes that are treated with chemical dyes. By wearing natural material made clothes you won’t have to worry about the outcomes that can impact on your health.

It is crucial that we all should be educated about the harm that we are causing to our world and that we should now make a change and wear eco-friendly clothes and products. Our environment is fading away and we should take note of that and start wearing natural fabric products. 

EeshaBoutique is Ethical Sustainable Slow Fashion Australian Brand.

Author - Rigved Sodal 



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