Suede Leather Clutch Bag

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This gorgeous clutch is crafted with a high quality suede leather.
It is very light weight and one of the kind hand embroideried using light purple and green thread on both sides of the clutch.

It has zip opening on the top as well as small zip opening (6") in the front. A very soft cotton padded linning is used from inside.

It is recommended to spot clean it. Can use gental leather polish but be careful with the embroidery. 

Length- 10"

Suede is the soft fuzzy part on the bottom of leather. 
It is a part of the leather whikch is attached to the inside of an animal hence it is very soft. Suede is a luxurious fabric. It’s decorative soft leather.

Suede is manufactured by taking the grain out in one piece. They grind the surface of the skin side down so that it features a consistent texture and thickness. it is just as water-resistant as any other type of leather. Maintaining suede appropriately keeps it in great shape.

Suede Leather Clutch Bag
Suede Leather Clutch Bag
Suede Leather Clutch Bag
Suede Leather Clutch Bag

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