Stylish expression of comfort and creativity infused in each fabric and design
We offer handmade products of exceptional quality that are both sustainably produced and
Our fabrics represent artisans craftsmanship and our love for the rich history of traditional
textile production, such as hand block print, chickankari and kantha work. 
We embrace a slow fashion mentality and infuse a true sense of meaning, compassion and
sustainability into each one of our garments and products. We want to restore a true sense
of value to our clothes, rather than seen as things to be enjoyed temporarily and then
disposed of.
A wide variety of our Indian organic cotton voile kaftans, tunics, sarongs, kurtis are unique and one of its kind.

Once bought they will not be sold again, they are yours and yours alone to cherish, love and wear and we certainly hope you will do
so for a long time.